Plastic equipment for fish sector

The plastic items to prepare the bottarga and other derivatives from the fish

Within its catalog, IFT makes available various plastic equipment for the fishing industry. These articles can be used for drying, freezing, defrosting, handling and storage of food products such as bottarga and other fish derivatives.

What advantages from their use in the fish industry?

Meeting the high-quality standards of business partners who use company products is one of the main objectives of IFT. For this purpose, the company is responsible for creating and distributing excellent plastic food technologies for the fishing industry, which allow to obtain numerous benefits during the working phases. Through their use, in particular, you will be able to appreciate features such as the following:

  • Non-porous surface
  • Easy cleaning and sanitation
  • Resistance
  • Thermal inconductibility

Which products for this sector are realized?

The IFT team is able to propose a large number of plastic equipment for the fishing industry. Among the various articles made by the company in food-grade polypropylene for this commercial segment, for example, we find the following ones:

In order to offer a complete offer, finally, the company offers various types of trolleys and shelves to support, contain and handle items for the fishing industry.