Holed board

Versatile and reliable holed boards for food

The holed boards for food here proposed can be used for different uses, but are ideal especially for the shelving of different types of cheese. The polypropylene used for their construction, in fact, allows not to modify in any way the product resting on their surface and, thanks to their holes, a perfect transpiration is guaranteed: the strategically designed holes facilitate efficient handling, draining excess liquids, and promoting airflow during different stages of food processing. These high-quality holed boards are specifically designed to provide a hygienic and efficient way to store and display all your food products.

Plastic boards with holes: hygienic design for food safety

Our plastic boards with holes are crafted from food-grade plastic material, meeting the stringent requirements of the food industry. The strategically placed holes in the boards allow for proper ventilation and drainage, preventing the accumulation of moisture and reducing the risk of bacterial growth. With these plastic boards with holes boards, you can maintain the freshness and quality of your food products while upholding the highest standards of food safety.