Polypropylene boards

A wide selection of polypropylene boards for food storage

In this section IFT offers polypropylene boards designed and developed entirely by the company staff. They are made in complete compliance with EC regulations and directives, in addition to the national ministerial decree, using the highest quality materials, to ensure all customers numerous benefits. Our polypropylene boards are designed to ensure maximum safety and hygiene in the making of different food processing, in particular for the storage of fish, meat and for the aging of cheese. The smooth, non-porous surface is easy to clean, allowing you to maintain a high standard of hygiene. In addition, their strength and durability make them an ideal choice for the production needs of the food industries.

Food grade plastic boards designed to ensure better processing of products

Food grade plastic boards represent a versatile and efficient solution to ensure better processing of food products, with particular attention to the dairy sector, in which they are widely used for the storage and processing of cheese. Their special grilled surface promotes air circulation, avoiding the formation of unwanted mold and preserving the quality of the products. Our food grade plastic boards can be used for a variety of applications: as shelves in production and storage warehouses, as rack tables and trolleys during transport and handling processes, and as surfaces for drying and maturing cheese, allowing proper aeration and maturation.