Drying rack for food

Drying rack for food suitable for use with different types of food

Are you looking for a drying rack for food? IFT offers drying racks specifically designed for the food industry, which can be used for processing pasta, fruits or vegetables. In order to guarantee to all customers the obtaining of an excellent product, for their realization the company uses only first quality materials, following strict production standards, to ensure a perfect preservation of aromas, nutrients and food quality. In addition, our drying racks for food are safe, tested and proven to offer a reliable and long-lasting performance, perfectly adapting to different production needs.

Pasta dryer rack: the ideal solution for professional and high quality results

Our pasta dryer rack is designed to allow rapid and uniform drying of different types of pasta and optimize production time and efficiency thanks to its innovative design. In addition to ensuring the quality and freshness of your products, using our pasta dryer rack will offer you numerous advantages. It is designed to be easy to use and to simplify the placement in the automatic stacking phase. It is also made with injection molded plastic material in two pieces to avoid marking the hands of operators in manual movements.