Stackable grids for food

Stackable grids for food storage

​​IFT stackable grids for food are made of high quality polypropylene, a highly hygienic and specific material for this sector, as well as durable. They can be used for the containment of different types of food, as well as for storage in a cooling or freezing cell. This food storage equipment is ideal for a wide range of foods, fresh or frozen. With the stackable grids for food you can preserve meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and much more, ensuring their freshness and preserving the best organoleptic characteristics of food.

Plastic stackable grids for food: quality and safety for the storage of your products

Our plastic stackable grids for food are designed specifically for the food industry and offer the highest quality and safety to preserve the freshness and quality of different types of food products. The polypropylene used in the manufacture of plastic baths complies with food safety regulations. You can store your food safely, without worrying about unwanted contamination or alterations.