Food pallets

Food pallets for the handling and transport of grids

To meet the needs of the food industry, IFT offers food pallets, ideal for facilitating the handling and transport of grids. Food pallets are stackable, designed to ensure maximum stability and can also be used on the drive in. They are developed entirely by the company team, which wants to fully meet the needs of its customers by offering them plastic equipment for food of excellent quality.

Pallets for food designed for different food industries

All the pallets for food manufactured by IFT are made entirely of recycled PP and are designed to facilitate and speed up handling, storage and transport. They can be used in various sectors: from the dairy sector to that of slaughter and cold cuts, up to that of fish. Thanks to their particular characteristics and their great structural strength and resistance, they can be used to safely handle any type of product, always ensuring maximum efficiency and stability.