Plastic equipment for confectionery sector

Types of axes and tables in propylene suitable for the cake industry

Within the IFT catalog there are specific plastic equipment for the pastry sector. Each of these items is made by a team that fully understands the needs of its customers and knows how to satisfy their every need.

What are the advantages offered by IFT products?

In order to guarantee to every commercial partner, the improvement of their working systems and therefore of the final product, IFT offers food technologies for the pastry industry of excellent quality. The achievement of this result is the result of a careful study of customer needs, which led to the production of items that can ensure the following advantages:

  • Non-porous surface
  • Easy cleaning and sanitation
  • Thermal inconductibility
  • Resistance
  • Simple installation even on existing structures and supports

Which items are suitable for pastry use?

Through the use of food grade polypropylene according to CE standards, IFT can offer its customers numerous types of plastic equipment for confectioners, as well as a wide range of trolleys and shelving that are able to support and contain them. Among the various articles proposed by the company for this sector, useful for leavening, freezing, drying and post baking of pandoro, doves and other sweets, you can find, for example, the following: