Smooth board

Smooth boards for food use with different types of surfaces

In this section you can find smooth boards for food with smooth surfaces of different types. Their design is entirely entrusted to the IFT’s team of specialists, who know perfectly the needs of different customers and, for this reason, deal with offering them certified plastic equipment for food of the highest quality. You can find both non-porous and smooth boards for the food industry, and knurled boards ideal for the bakery or dairy industry. The ease of cleaning and the ability to prevent the proliferation of harmful microorganisms make them the ideal choice for environments where hygiene is essential.

Smooth boards for food industry made of food-safe materials

Our smooth boards for food industry are made of food grade polypropylene (PP), in full compliance with EC directives and the national ministerial decree for materials intended to come into contact with food. This ensures that the boards do not contaminate food products during the different processing and handling phases, keeping all their characteristics and properties unchanged. In addition, smooth boards for food industry are robust and impact resistant, to prevent intensive use from compromising functionality, and can be easily washed and sanitized after use.