Plastic equipment for bakery sector

Models for drying frames, perforated and grilled trays for bakeries

IFT, within its catalog, has a series of plastic equipment for bakeries of different characteristics. All these products are designed by the team within the company with commitment and passion, in order to offer each customer a product that is able to improve the quality of products in this industry.

Why choose the IFT items for your bakery?

IFT knows the high demands of its customers and, precisely for this reason, offers them excellent quality food technologies for the bread industry. These equipments, in fact, are able to ensure a series of competitive advantages to those who use them, which mainly concern the following aspects:

  • Non-porous surface
  • Easy cleaning and sanitation
  • Thermal inconductibility
  • Resistance
  • Simple installation even on existing structures and supports

What plastic equipment are produced for bakers?

Made using food propylene and in compliance with CE standards, IFT has a wide range of plastic equipment for bakeries. These items can be used for the leavening, freezing, drying and post-baking of bread and can be placed inside the trolleys and shelves proposed by the company, to support and contain them. By relying on IFT, for example, you can choose from the following articles: