Polypropylene technologies for cheese seasoning

IFT products for food according to CE standards

Tuesday 20 November 2018

For the seasoning of cheeses, wooden boards are often used that require numerous and complicated cleaning operations in order to enforce hygiene inside the cell or in the place where the cheese must remain to complete all the phases before being sold. At present, European regulation does not impose a drastic change of the material on which to mature, but many do not know some new technologies that allow to avoid any problem of this type, significantly improving the cleaning with less waste of energy and labor.

IFT products for seasoning cells

IFT products in polypropylene for food according to CE standards, are suitable for any type of ripening cell and any type of existing cheese, such as:

Why choose the IFT products in polypropylene?

The quality of the product benefits as the formation of molds is practically eliminated, for the washing it takes only a few minutes to avoid scraping the crusts of the cheeses themselves. Not to mention the economy associated with the various types of table. Hygiene is one of the most important aspects related to the world of the agri-food industry, indeed perhaps it is the main thing that companies should take into consideration.