Plastic grids

Plastic grids for a perfect aeration of food

IFT offers plastic grids for food that allow a perfect aeration of meat, cheese and other products, perfectly preserving them and avoiding the creation of mold. Designed with high quality plastic materials and complying with industry standards, plastic grids are in fact equipped with a particular structure, which allows an optimal passage of air, essential to maintain the freshness and quality of food. All the plastic food grids ensure high strength and stability when stacked. Like all IFT food storage equipment, they are certified, made with innovative processes and designed to enhance the characteristics of the different products, as well as to facilitate handling and storage operations within food factories and laboratories.

Cheese rack: safety and versatility for the dairy industry

Cheese racks made of food polypropylene are a cutting-edge solution in the dairy sector. They are designed to ensure maximum hygiene and compliance with EC food contact regulations, thanks to the certified food polypropylene used in their production. Their grilled structure allows an optimal aeration of cheese, minimizing the formation of mold and the need for turnings. In addition, cheese racks can be used for different types of products, due to the availability of different sizes, thus offering additional versatility to food industries. Their structure, produced by injection molding in a single piece, ensures greater strength and ease of cleaning, essential to maintain the hygiene standards required in the food industry.