Plastic grids

Plastic grids for a perfect aeration of food

IFT produces plastic grids for food, which allow a perfect aeration of meats, cheeses and other foods, perfectly preserving them and avoiding the creation of mold. Moreover, all the plastic grids proposed by IFT have a long resistance and offer great stability when stacked. Like all IFT food equipment are certified, made with innovative processes and designed to provide high quality plastic equipment, able to enhance the characteristics of many different products, and to facilitate food handling and storage operations.

Polypropylene grid: safety and versatility for every storage need

Our polypropylene grid is ideal for use in different areas of the food industry. Thanks to its technical characteristics, it is particularly suitable for the manufacturing processes inside dairies, for the realization of products such as goat’s cheese, caciotta, tomini, muffettati and many other cheeses, but also for the processing of meat and other types of food that need considerable ventilation. The plastic grids are available in different sizes, to adapt to various types of food and production stages.