Plastic equipment for pasta sector

The models of drying frames, perforated and grilled trays for pasta factories

Within its catalog, IFT offers a series of plastic equipment for pasta factories. Each of the products in question is designed by the company team, which constantly strives to offer plastic equipment that can improve the quality of their customers' work.

What are the advantages of IFT products?

The main objective of the company is to offer excellent food technology for pasta factories, which are able to guarantee the highest standards in terms of hygiene. This is also possible thanks to a new PP frame for food specific for drying and fresh pasta, which can also be used for freezing and handling it. Among the main advantages of using business articles are the following:

  • Non-porous surface
  • Easy cleaning and sanitation
  • Thermal inconductibility
  • Resistance
  • Installation also on existing structures and supports
  • Better ventilation

What are the plastic items for the pasta industry?

To meet the needs of numerous customers, IFT has expanded its proposal to offer a large number of plastic articles for the pasta industry. Specifically, it can deal with the sale of articles that can be used for drying, for fresh pasta or for freezing, such as the following:

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