Plastic drying frame

The EC-marked polypropylene frame for drying

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Article code:  TPP35/ TPP54 / TPP70

description: Plastic drying frame

material: polypropylene

TPP35 dimensions: 1200x600xh35 mm
TPP54 dimensions: 1200x600xh54 mm
TPP70 dimensions: 1200x600xh70 mm

suitability for food contact: suitable for contact with food, in compliance with ec regulations and directives and with the national ministerial decree: ec regulation 10/2011; ec regulation 1935/2004, ec regulation 2023/2006, ec directive 19/2007, ec directive 2002/1972, national ministerial decree of 03/21/1973 and subsequent amendments

stacking: yes

production methodology: injection molding in two single pieces

Made completely smooth above and below to not mark the hands to operators in manual movements, the plastic frame for drying foods here proposed by IFT is produced in compliance with the CE standards for contact with food and is used in BRC FOOD certified factories. Furthermore, its use is compatible with other wooden and aluminum frames.

What are the uses of the frame?

Thanks to the certifications it has achieved, the proposed product is a plastic frame for drying, ideal for a large number of food sectors and activities. Specifically, thanks also to a network of food-grade anti-hydrolysis polyester, the article is widely used in the following sectors:

The many reasons to choose it

With chamfered end angles to avoid blockages in sliding, a design designed to facilitate positioning during the automatic stacking phase, a sliding track for the correct overlap of the frame on the trolley, the one offered by the company is a drying frame in plastic with excellent characteristics. This is the right solution for all the food companies and activities who need the best plastic equipment to produce excellent products. In fact, its use ensures all users such advantages:

  • No presence of wood particles and traces of aluminum in the product
  • Perfect mechanical rigidity
  • It does not release splinters during handling
  • It does not overcool when leaving the static dryers
  • The hands of the operators are not marked during the grip and handling due to the absence of ribs in the frame
  • It prevents the entry of harmful residues or loss of moving parts through a frame that has no openings or holes closed with plugs

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