Smooth polypropylene board MINIVERO

The axis in plastic material ideal for the bakery sector

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Article code: MINIVERO

Description: smooth board

Material: polypropylene for food: drawing and hot-blade molding

Dimension: width 320 mm, length from 500 to 2000 mm.

Thickness: 15mm.

Weight: kg. 2,80

Carrying capacity: it depends on the length of the table and the points of support on the shelf carriages

Temperature resistance: -18, +60 °c                      

Within its extensive catalog, IFT offers a Minivero smooth polypropylene board. The article in question is self-supporting, suitable for food contact and complies with the relevant EC legislation. Its use is indicated specifically for the bakery sector.

Why buy it?

The company staff is constantly striving to improve its products, so as to ensure that the customer is satisfied with their needs. This spirit allows IFT to propose an excellent smooth Minivero axis suitable for food, that permit to obtain some advantages. Using it, in fact, you can appreciate the following features:

  • Light
  • Resistant
  • Easily sanitized

What are its uses?

In order to satisfy the different requests of its customers, IFT offers here a smooth plastic material axis useful for different operations. Choosing it, in fact, will give you the opportunity to simplify many activities that you carry out daily within your company. Specifically, among its uses, there are the following:

  • Phases of pre and post baking
  • Phases of pre and post baking sweets

What are the washing methods?

If you want to preserve its surface over time, you will have to clean the board using basic chlorinated or acidic solutions, with a concentration of these two elements between 1 and 2%. Moreover, to be sure of preserving its characteristics in the best way, it is necessary to avoid the presence of nitric acid inside the products used for its washing. This element, in fact, is particularly harmful for polypropylene.


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