Polypropylene pallet

The pallet with crosspieces made of plastic material for food use

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Manufactured entirely using recycled plastic, the polypropylene pallet for food proposed here by IFT weighs 18 kg. Available in anthracite black color, its shape also allows you to easily overlap it.

Article code: pallet 80D TRAV
Description: pallet in plastic material, black color, for handling grids.
Material : recycled PP
Dimension: mm 1200x800x156 h
Weight: kg 21,00
Dynamic load: 2000 kg
Static load: 6000 kg
Production method: injection stamp

For what operations do you use it?

IFT's main objective is to ensure that all customers obtain food grade plastic equipment that can improve their working life and adapt to different types of operations. In order to achieve this result, the company proposes here a plastic pallet for food suitable for handling different types of grids and stackable plastic crates

Why choose it?

Suitable for the dairy, slaughter and cured meat sectors, as well as for fish, the one proposed in this section is an excellent quality plastic pallet for food. During the transport phases, in fact, it is able to ensure numerous advantages, which will allow you to safely handle different types of products. The model in question is particularly appreciated for the following characteristics:

  • Great solidity and structural strength
  • Can also be used on the drive in

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