Grilled board TGR96-100

Plastic surface with 8 kg grid with suitability for food contact

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In food-grade polypropylene, the Tgr 96/100 plastic grill table is proposed here in the IFT catalog. In particular, its use is indicated for the dairy sector, for some types of specific cheeses, such as pecorino toscano, pecorino sardo, montasio and caciotte.

Article code: TGR96 - TGR100
Dimensions: tgr96 mm 970x910x30
tgr100 mm 1010x1010x30
Production method: injection stamp
Temperature resistance: -18, + 60 °c
Uses: as shelf for rack, trolleys for seasoning cheese
Weight: 8 kg
Suitability for food contact: SI*

What are the uses of the table?

As demonstrated by the characteristics shown, the one proposed here is a grill table suitable for a large number of uses. The suitability for food, in fact, makes it particularly suitable, for example, for the following uses:

  • Shelf for shelves
  • Table for racks and trolleys for salting
  • Cheese drying and maturing surface

Furthermore, through its use, you will not modify in any way the excellent quality of the products placed on it, thanks to the excellent materials used for its realization.

How to wash?

To preserve the characteristics and the surface for a long time, you must take care to wash the grill table with basic chlorinated or acidic solutions, at 1 or 2%. To obtain an optimal result and not to cause any alteration, moreover, the use of solutions with nitric acid is not recommended. This element, in fact, over time can cause a deterioration in the quality of the polypropylene from which the table is formed.

Why choose it?

IFT's main objective is to offer each customer an innovative product, which can contribute to improving the quality of the final product and is able, at the same time, to speed up every work operation. In order to obtain a result of this type, it offers here a well-made plastic grill for foods, able to offer some advantages, such as the following:

  • Excellent ventilation to prevent mold
  • Few overturns of the necessary foods

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