Stackable grid

Stackable grid in polypropylene for food

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Article code: GRPE76-58/210-180-150-130

Description: stackable grid

Material: polypropylene for food (pp)

Dimension: mm 760x580x 210 o 180 o 150 o 130h

Production method: injection stamp

Temperature resistance: -18, + 60 °c - we can also realize a model with resistance -40 a +110 °c

Suitability for food contact: all food-grade polypropylene items are made with certified raw materials and are suitable for contact with foodstuffs, in compliance with CE regulations and directives.

Uses: for salting, brining and seasoning cheese.

Weight: kg.3,2 

The one proposed here by IFT is a GRPE food grid, which is made entirely of food-grade polypropylene and can be stacked comfortably. Its use, in particular, is recommended for cheeses such as pecorino toscano, pecorino sardo, caprini, caciotta, gouda, tomini, muffetti and cascaval.

For which activities do you use the grid?

IFT knows perfectly the needs of its customers and its main objective is their full satisfaction. Precisely for this reason, proposes in this section a useful grid for different operations in the food sector. In particular, you will be able to appreciate its characteristics if you need to use it to carry out the following operations with dairy products:

  • Brining
  • Drying
  • Seasoning

What are the washing methods?

To preserve the surface and all other characteristics, the grill must be washed with basic chlorinated or acidic solutions, at 1 or 2%. In order to be sure that no alterations of any kind are caused, moreover, it is recommended to avoid the use of solutions with nitric acid. Indeed, this element, with the passage of time, causes a deterioration in the quality of polypropylene.

What are its advantages?

The company wants to offer each customer innovative products, which can contribute significantly to improving the quality of the final product, increasing the production capacity of the companies that use it. For this purpose, here is a plastic grill for food of excellent workmanship, which can offer different advantages, including the following ones:

  • Remarkable ventilation for minor revolutions and minor mold formation
  • Convenient maneuverability inside the seasoning cells-warehouses thanks to a Europalletizable size

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