Stackable grid with side banks

The stackable grid with side banks in polypropylene for food

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Article code: BTR7658
Description: Stackable grid with side banks
Material: polypropylene for food (pp)
Suitability for food contact: all food-grade polypropylene items are made with certified raw materials and are suitable for contact with foodstuffs, in compliance with CE regulations and directives.
Dimension: mm 760x580
Side bank height: mm 70
Standing height: 130 mm - 180 mm
Weight: kg 3,8
production method: injection stamp
Capacity: 40 kg.
Color: standard blu 
Temperature resistance: -30, + 80 °c - we can also realize a model with resistance -40 a +110 °c

Made entirely of food-grade polypropylene, the plastic stackable grid with side banks for food proposed by IFT is equipped with various accessories, such as the stainless steel single stack or double stacked euro pallet and the stainless steel trolley with liquid collection tray.

What are the uses of the table?

Thanks to the food suitability it has and to its other characteristics, the one shown in this section is a stackable grid with side banks suitable for a large number of uses in the food sector. Specifically, in fact, it is particularly useful for the following operations:

  • Containment of meats and sausages for parking in the cell
  • Cooling down
  • Freezing
  • Thawing
  • Salting
  • Pasteurization

Furthermore, its use does not modify in any way the perfect result of the final product, exalting its qualities.

How should the washing be done?

In order to do not to change its characteristics, it is necessary to wash the stackable grid with side banks with basic chlorinated or acidic solutions, at 1 or 2%. If you want to be sure not to cause any alteration, moreover, it is recommended not to use solutions containing nitric acid. In fact, with the passing of time, the element in question becomes responsible for a deterioration in the quality of polypropylene.

Why choose it?

IFT constantly strives to offer each customer products that are truly innovative and can contribute significantly to improving the quality of the final product and at the same time speed up the operations for which they are used. In order to obtain a result of this type, it proposes here a high quality plastic stackable grid with side banks for food, able to offer different advantages, among which the following ones:

  • Light
  • Robust
  • Easily sanitized
  • Forklift pockets
  • Avoid contamination thanks to the feet outside the container

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