Box flat bottom

The stackable box with grilled walls suitable for food contact

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Article code: CFP39

Description: stackable box with a flat bottom and grilled walls

Material: pehd

External dimension: mm 635x440xh120

Internal dimension: mm 595x395xh100

Suitability for food contact: all food-grade polypropylene items are made with certified raw materials and are suitable for contact with foodstuffs, in compliance with EC regulations and directives

Color: white or on request

Production method: injection stamp

Temperature resistance: -18, + 60 °c

Among its various productions, IFT deals with the creation of box flat bottom for food with a closed bottom and grilled walls. In addition to the color presented in the photo, the article is also available in the basic white version, or in other colors on request.

What are its uses?

The proposal in this section is a flat bottom box suitable for a large number of uses. Thanks to its suitability for food contact, in fact, it is particularly suitable for use as:

  • Cheese box
  • Salami and food container

In both cases, moreover, thanks to the excellent materials that compose it, it will not modify in any way the quality of the product stored inside.

How should it be washed?

In particular, the one offered here is a washable flat bottom food box with basic chlorinated or acidic solutions, at 1 or 2%. This washing mode is recommended so as not to damage the surface. It is also advised not to use solutions with nitric acid, as this element deteriorates over time the quality of the plastic material.

Why choose it?

IFT's main objective is to provide each customer with an innovative solution that improves the quality of the final product and speeds up the various work activities. Precisely for this reason, the one proposed here is a flat-bottomed food box of excellent quality, able to offer the following advantages:

  • Structurally very robust and durable
  • Easily sanitized
  • Convenient to stack thanks to its interlocking system

Moreover, this product is specifically designed for stracchino cheese, as the closed and "donkey back" base allows the lateral draining of the liquid passing through the grilled walls. In addition, the side edge protruding on the base of the case, allows boxes to be stacked, that the drain of the upper cassette does not fall into the lower one.


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