The realization of IFT food technologies

Using high-precision machinery, the IFT team is involved in the production of food technologies such as cassettes, grilled boards, frames, grids and numerous other articles for this sector. Furthermore, these company productions are planned and implemented monthly.

Which quantities are produced?

The company deals with the manufacture of minimum batches of one thousand pieces for each item and keeps in stock always ready-to-deliver material, to satisfy even the smallest and most fractional requests. Finally, every production batch is coded so as to work with maximum re-traceability.

Why choose IFT for this activity?

All IFT productions take place after a careful selection of the best raw materials on the market with all certifications of compliance with food contact. This allows the company to offer a production of plastic equipment for the food industry of excellent quality, able to ensure numerous benefits to its customers.


Are you interested in this service?

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