Holed board MAXI

The large table in polypropylene for food sector

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Article code: MAXI

Description: reinforced holed board

Material: polypropylene for food (pp)

Suitability for food contact: all food-grade polypropylene items are made with certified raw materials and are suitable for contact with foodstuffs, in compliance with EC regulations and directives.

Production method: injection stamp

Dimension: mm 965x905x30

Temeprature resistance: -18, + 60 °c

Weight:7 kg.


Specifically recommended for the dairy sector, for cheeses such as pecorino siciliano, emmenthal, pecorino toscano, pecorino sardo, caprini and various caciotte, the self-supporting table in perforated plastic Maxi by IFT is a product made entirely of food-grade polypropylene with a capacity of 50 kg.

What are its uses?

Made with materials suitable for food contact, the food grade plastic equipment proposed by IFT is a extremely versatile plastic table with holes. Its use, in fact, proves particularly useful for many operations typical of the dairy sector. Specifically, the company recommends its use as a shelf for making cheese, to obtain excellent results of:

  • Brining
  • Drying
  • Seasoning

How should it be washed?

To ensure that its surface is not affected in any way, as well as its holes, you will have to wash the perforated table with the use of basic solutions chlorinated or acidic, at 1 or 2%. In order to be completely sure that it does not cause any type of alteration of its characteristics, moreover, it is recommended not to use solutions containing nitric acid, since the use of this element causes a deterioration of the quality of the polypropylene.

Why choose it?

IFT's main objective is the complete satisfaction of the high quality standards that its customers need. To do this, it offers highly innovative products, such as the one proposed in this section, which proves to be a useful table to avoid the formation of mold. Its use, in fact, thanks to a rounded and conical hole, allows the shape of the dairy product not to remain marked and to transpire from the plate, also decreasing the number of necessary turning.


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