3+1 indispensable pastry equipment

Pastry equipment: which ones are indispensable for your laboratory?

Monday 15 May 2023

Making cakes, desserts and pastry products of high quality requires great competence and precision in the various processing processes, but also a thorough knowledge of the ingredients, the various preparation steps and the most suitable equipment for each type of product. When it comes to creating confectionery products, in fact, the use of the right equipment is essential. Plastic pastry equipment plays a key role in making the cake production process simpler and more efficient. Thanks to their versatility and ease of use, these equipment have become indispensable for professionals and pastry enthusiasts. 

In this article we will delve into the importance of these equipment and the reasons why plastic is an ideal material for their realization. In addition, we will see together what are the indispensable pastry equipment to have a well-stocked laboratory, which can respond to every need

Advantages of plastic equipment over other materials

Certified plastic food equipment offers a number of advantages over other materials commonly used in the manufacture of confectionery equipment. First, plastic is a lightweight and durable material, which allows easy handling during preparation. It also ensures:

  • easy cleaning and hygiene: plastic is a non-porous material, which means that it does not absorb odors or stains easily. This makes the plastic equipment easy to clean and ensures optimal hygiene during the preparation of sweets; 
  • durability and resistance: plastic equipment is generally very durable. They are able to withstand daily wear and tear and can last a long time without losing their features. In addition, plastic is less prone to breakage than other fragile materials such as ceramics or glass; 
  • versatility and ease of use: plastic offers great versatility in terms of design and functionality of pastry equipment. Plastic equipment can be easily molded into a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit the different needs of sweets. In addition, the plastic is lightweight, which makes the equipment easier to handle during the different stages of preparation. 

Why is it important to choose quality plastic equipment?

When buying plastic equipment for confectionery, it is important to make a careful choice to ensure a high quality of products and maximum safety of processing. Here are some tips for choosing quality plastic equipment:

  • entrusted to reliable and recognized brands, specialized in the production of plastic equipment suitable for contact with food, certified and safe. Opt for equipment produced by reliable companies and with long experience in the pastry industry will ensure the quality and durability of the equipment
  • choose safe and certified materials for contact with food: make sure that the equipment is made of plastic materials safe for contact with food. Choose certified products and compliant with food safety standards, like all equipment for pastry laboratories proposed by IFT; 
  • check user reviews and feedback:  the opinions of other professionals who have already used pastry equipment can provide valuable information about the quality and performance of the equipment. 

Indispensable plastic pastry equipment

In the pastry industry, every type of processing requires specific equipment and tools, essential to ensure the quality and success of the products. However, there are some plastic confectionery equipment indispensable for the realization of any processing, which allow to speed up the processes of preparation, storage and handling of products, ensuring optimal results. Among the essential equipment there are definitely: 

  • smooth boards with different types of surfaces, useful to simplify and optimize the storage of products and the pre- and post-baking operations of sweets. Lightweight, resistant and easy to sanitize, the plastic axes proposed by IFT are self-supporting and adaptable to different types of structures and existing supports. In addition, they are certified for contact with food and made in full compliance with EC regulations and directives to ensure maximum safety and quality of products and processing
  • stackable plastic food trays, lightweight, durable and easy to use, ideal for manual use by operators in laboratories and in automatic stacking and de-filling plants. Trays can be used for different types of processing, in particular for the processes of drying, proofing, freezing and post-baking of cakes
  • holed boards, designed to ensure perfect transpiration and preservation of products resting on their surface. The holed board TAFO is particularly resistant and comfortable thanks to the injection moulding in one piece, which makes it easy to handle and practical to use; 
  • food grade plastic boards, ideal to accommodate leavened and confectionery products of any type. Thanks to their particular characteristics, they perfectly preserve the products, maintaining their properties and ensuring safe and quality processing. 

Tips for the use and maintenance of plastic equipment

To ensure a long service life and optimal performance of the plastic equipment for confectionery, it is important to follow some tips for use and maintenance, starting with proper washing, cleaning and drying processes. To ensure that the characteristics of the equipment remain unchanged over time, wash thoroughly after each use using chlorinated or acidic base solutions (with a concentration of 1 to 2 %). In order not to damage the surface of products, also, avoid using solutions containing nitric acid, an element particularly harmful to polypropylene. Also avoid the use of abrasive sponges or harsh chemicals that could damage the plastic. Once washed and sanitized, dry your equipment thoroughly before storing.

When not using equipment, store it in a dry, clean place away from heat and direct sunlight. Also avoid overlapping or compressing them too much so as not to alter their shape and characteristics. Then check your plastic equipment regularly for signs of damage or wear. In the event of cracks, breakage or deformation, it is advisable to immediately replace the equipment to ensure the safety and quality of the prepared cakes.

Choosing quality equipment and following the correct use and maintenance practices will ensure excellent results in the preparation. For more information on plastic equipment for pastry or other solutions proposed by IFT, contact us!