Charcuterie equipment: everything you need

All the tips to choose the essential equipment for charcuterie and ham factories

Tuesday 02 May 2023

The processing of meat and sausages requires a deep knowledge of the production processes and the use of the most suitable tools for the preparation of each type of product. To speed up and facilitate the processing processes and ensure the freshness and quality of food products it is important to use the right plastic equipment, made with safe and certified materials, suitable for contact with food. Investing in the purchase of certified plastic equipment for food such as those proposed by IFT, is therefore essential: all the equipment for the production and storage of sausages and hams are in fact designed to reduce processing time and optimize handling and transport activities, reducing even the risk of bacterial growth.

In this article, we will find out what you can not miss in the plastic equipment for delicatessen and ham factories, and how to choose them to get high quality products

How to choose plastic equipment for charcuterie

To choose the most suitable plastic equipment for a sausage factory, a ham factory or any other activity of production or processing of meat it is important to consider several factors, such as the characteristics of the products to be manufactured, the specific needs of the activity, but also the quality of the materials and several other aspects. Let’s see them more specifically: 

  • materials: the plastic equipment for the delicatessen must be made of high quality materials, safe and certified, which do not release harmful substances in food and keep all the characteristics unchanged. In addition, they must be durable and resistant. All plastic equipment for processing meat and sausages produced by IFT are made in full compliance with European standards and directives on food contact safety; 
  • size: to choose the most suitable sausage equipment you will first have to evaluate the size of the products that will have to accommodate or contain inside them. In addition to carefully evaluating the dimensions, make sure that they are also practical and functional, convenient to handle or move as needed, without taking up too much space; 
  • ease of use: the plastic equipment for a charcuterie must be easy to use to allow to simplify and speed up the production processes and all the stages of storage and handling; 
  • easy cleaning: the plastic equipment must be easily washable and hygienic and ensure a high level of hygiene. All IFT food products and equipment can be easily washed and sanitized with pressure washer and in washing tunnels; 
  • certifications: to ensure the safety and quality of products it is essential to choose equipment that complies with hygiene standards and precise quality standards. Before purchasing, verify that they have the necessary certifications and that they comply with the requirements defined by the national ministerial decree of 21/03/1973 and s.m. and the EC directives on food contact (EC Regulation 10/2011, EC Regulation 1935/2004 and 2023/2006, EC Directive 19/2007 and EC Directive 2002/1972), like all IFT equipment. 

Plastic equipment for meat and sausage industry: the indispensable products

As we have seen, the use of specific plastic equipment for the food industry, which can ensure maximum hygiene and product safety, can make a difference. The plastic equipment, in particular, is ideal for the meat and sausage industry thanks to their strength, durability and ease of cleaning. In addition, they are resistant, do not corrode and do not react with the acids present in meat and sausages.

The processing of each type of product may require specific equipment, which allows to preserve and enhance its characteristics. However, there are some products that are essential for any activity, whether it is an artisanal sausage factory, a ham factory or a butcher shop. Among these there are definitely: 

  • food grade plastic boards of different sizes and types, useful for various processing in the meat and meats. Thanks to their versatility and the use of certified materials for food contact, they can be used for all the processes of seasoning, smoking, freezing and defrosting of meats and sausages. They are designed to ensure easy insertion on shelving shelves, rack boards and trolleys or drying and curing surfaces. The TGRA food grade polypropylene table, in particular, is injection molded in a single piece, to ensure handling, resistance and durability over time and is designed to ensure the highest quality to the final product, ensuring safe and controlled processing; 
  • stackable trays, suitable for different types of uses, such as the storage of products during the drying or seasoning processes. The plastic food trays proposed by IFT are made of polypropylene and designed to ensure the manual use by a single operator within the automatic systems for stacking and removal of frames: They can be easily removed from the pile thanks to a sliding system and ensure lightness, resistance and ease of sanitation; 
  • stackable plastic crates, useful for the processes of preservation and containment of meat and cured meats for storage, cooling, freezing and thawing, salting or pasteurization. The plastic crates proposed by IFT are made entirely of polypropylene suitable for contact with food and are designed to carry out these processes in the safest and hygienic way possible, maintaining unchanged the properties and quality of the final products and enhancing their characteristics; 
  • plastic mats with holes of different types and sizes. Made entirely of polypropylene and certified for contact with food, they can be useful for different types of processing; 
  • seasoning grids, useful also for the pasteurization of cooked hams and for the freezing, defrosting and smoking phases. IFT’s plastic grill for food is available in different sizes to adapt to any type of product and ensures perfect ventilation, easy operation in cells or in seasoning warehouses and perfect sanitation. 

For more information on plastic equipment for the meat and sausages industry proposed by IFT, contact us! Our staff is always available to advise you on the best solutions and best suited to the needs of your business!