We present the new h35 frame

The low frame ideal for lasagna and small pasta

Monday 23 May 2022

The IFT polypropylene frame for food, 1200x600 mm, is available in three heights, H35, H54 and H70.
Complete with mesh, it is a high quality product and has several advantages from the point of view of hygiene and processing:
Eliminates the presence of possible wood particles and traces of aluminum in the product
Perfect mechanical rigidity It does not release splinters during handling It does not burn when exiting the static dryers
Completely smooth above and below so as not to mark the hands of operators in manual handling Stackable, interchangeable and compatible with other wooden and aluminum frames Injection molded in two single pieces
Certified to CE Standards for contact with food Used in BRC FOOD certified factories Many pasta factories have already chosen our product and are very satisfied especially with regard to the lightness and structure of the frame itself.