Wednesday 13 April 2022

IFT proposes here the Tgra plastic grill table, a product suitable for food contact made of polypropylene following the CE standards. Precisely for this reason, it can be used both in the meat, in the dairy and in the cured meat sector, always guaranteeing excellent results. The article in question, moreover, is available in various sizes and sizes, so that it can be used and applied, as well as in new plants, even in existing ones and on different types and sizes of racks, racks, racks and trolleys. of new and old generation. Finally, this table is ideal for automatic and robotized systems.


IFT has always been committed to offering the best to its customers in terms of innovation. Moreover, the company's articles are useful for improving the quality of the final product and speeding up the different steps necessary to obtain it. In order to obtain a result of this type, in this section it is proposed a well-made plastic grid is proposed for foods, able to offer some advantages, such as those concerning the following aspects:

  • Excellent hygienic quality
  • Extremely easy cleaning inside the cheese maturing warehouses
  • Increased ventilation and consequent lower formation of molds
  • Lower costs for turning and cleaning the shapes