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Monday 01 February 2021

The new self-supporting grilled table designed by IFT is used for the storage, seasoning, cooling, smoking and handling of meat and cold cuts of various kinds.

The material with which the grilled table is produced is polypropylene for food use according to CE standards, used in BRC certified factories. This material is suitable for food contact and guarantees excellent hygienic quality and extreme ease of cleaning and sanitizing inside the cells. The grilled surface also allows greater aeration of the product which therefore allows for a healthy and excellent quality final result.

IFT has created this article in various formats and sizes so that it can be used and applied, as well as in new systems, also in existing ones and on different types and sizes of shelves, ladders, racks, racks and new and old generation trolleys. . These tables are also ideal for automatic and robotic handling systems.

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