Trays and frames for the fruit and vegetable sector

Drying of fruit and vegetables: our proposals for hygienic productivity

Monday 05 October 2020

The tray mod. VSG6060 in polypropylene for food by IFT is a high quality, hygienic and sanitizable product sold all over the world. Its dimensions are cm. 60x60 and is stackable. It is eventually supplied with a trolley for handling. Thanks to its practicality and lightness it is ideal for drying vegetables and fruit.
Particularly used for tomatoes, it was created to create practicality during processing.
Complies with all EC regulations.

The frame mod. TPP54 made completely smooth above and below to avoid marking the hands of operators in manual handling, in plastic, hygienic and sanitizable for drying food proposed by IFT is produced in compliance with CE standards for contact with food and is used in BRC FOOD certified establishments . Furthermore, its use is compatible with other wooden and aluminum frames.

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