Meat processing? Here are the right products for your company

Certified products for sausage factories, slaughterhouses and meat processing plants

Monday 14 September 2020

IFT has a very complete range of equipment for the meat , cured meat and sausage sector, which can be used in sausage factories, ham factories and abattoirs, which can be used in food freezing systems and which offer an innovative solution for the big, medium and small industry of slaughter and cured meat.

What advantages IFT equipments offer?

The knowledge of the IFT team allows the company to offer high-quality slaughterhouse plastics equipment. In fact, its products are used by the most important slaughterhouses and national sausages with great satisfaction. Slaughterhouses and sausage factories using IFT equipment and solutions comply with the strictest national and international regulations in terms of safety and hygiene of products in contact with food.