grilled board TGRA

Grilled board for food sector

Tuesday 09 June 2020

The TGRA plastic grilled board made by IFT is a table designed for various applications in the food sector, from cheeses to meat and cured meat, to bread making, always guaranteeing excellent results. Made of EC marked food polypropylene, certified for contact with food, it is available in various formats and sizes, to be used not only in new systems, but also in existing ones, on various types and sizes of racks, ladders, new and old generation racks, shelves and trolleys. Finally, this board is ideal for automatic and robotic systems.

Where is it used?

The TGRA plastic board, thanks to its specific characteristics and various formats, is a very versatile item, which finds its place in many different processes in the food sector. Thanks to its suitability for food contact, it is in fact used for the processes in which various types of cold cuts and cheeses must be seasoned, smoked, pasteurized, frozen and thawed. It is then used as a base for bread and other baked goods. It is perfect for:

  • shelves
  • racks and trolleys
  • drying and aging surfaces

Why buy it?

The TGRA grilled board in food polypropylene is injection molded in a single piece, so as to ensure easy handling, resistance and great strength. The table is designed to ensure maximum quality for the final product, ensuring safe and controlled manufacturing processes. The TGRA plastic grilled table, in particular, guarantees fundamental and differentiating advantages such as:

  • Excellent hygienic quality
  • Extremely easy to clean inside the cheese maturing warehouses
  • Greater ventilation and consequent less mold formation
  • Lower costs of turning and cleaning shapes