The value of a certified product

The advantages of using IFT certified technologies

Friday 21 June 2019

In a world that is increasingly globalized and open to any market, a final product such as food technologies produced by IFT for the various food sectors involved - from the equipment for drying pasta to the aging of cheeses, to processing meat - represents a fundamental point for always be in step with regulations and certifications.

The very high quality standards of IFT articles

Not all plastic for food products on international markets have a strict and high certification such as aging boards or IFT pasta drying frames. The standards we are achieving in the last two years are allowing us to achieve ever higher quality in the final product. Our grids, our perforated tables, our fruit and vegetable drying trays and all our other products are food technologies, examples of excellence for companies that have chosen the same path or will want to follow it in the future.