Italian Technology fair for food company

New growth opportunities for IFT at the event on food technologies in Cordoba in Argentina

Tuesday 28 August 2018

On 2nd and 3th of October IFT will be present at the ITALTECH FOOD 2018 fair to be held at the Sheraton Hotel of CORDOBA-ARGENTINA.

Why Cordoba?

A city in the center of Argentina with a strong industrial and agro-industrial vocation. The city of Cordoba is of fundamental importance in the economy of this country which represents the second largest economy of the South American continent. The concentration in this province of many vital industrial sectors (cars, agricultural machinery, and, obviously, the food sector) make it a region rich in commercial opportunities. It is also located at the center of a geographical area that includes the economically most important metropolitan areas of the entire sub-continent, each of which constitutes the gateway to the market of the respective country: Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Porto Alegre and São Paulo. In this region, which includes parts of four countries, the wealth and production capacity of South America is concentrated and a market of over 50 million inhabitants with a high purchasing power.

A city culturally close to Italy

Over half the population of the province of Cordoba is of Italian origin. Starting from the second half of the nineteenth century, several migratory waves from many Italian regions moved to this area, bringing with it a culture of work and a commitment that helped to build the country materially and morally.