Equipment for bakeries

IFT plastic equipment: efficient and safe solutions for the baking industry 

Are you looking for plastic equipment for your bakery? IFT - Italian Food technology - is specialized in the production of plastic equipment for the food industry and is also responsible for the supply of high quality equipment for bakeries, specifically designed to meet the needs of the bread industry. All the items proposed by the company are made of food polypropylene, in full compliance with national, international and CE regulations for contact with food, and are designed to simplify the production processes and the work of operators, as well as to improve the quality of finished products. 

Different types of plastic equipment for baking

In order to meet the different needs of bakeries and the different realities operating in the bakery sector, IFT offers a wide choice of plastic food items, ideal for different processing processes, such as leavening, drying, freezing or post-baking of bread and other bakery products. IFT’s plastic equipment ensures easy installation even on existing structures and supports and can be easily inserted into trolleys and racks. Among the different items for bakeries you can find: 

Why choose IFT bakery equipment?

Thanks to the long experience in the field and to a competent and highly professional team, IFT is able to offer high quality plastic equipment and food technology, designed to best meet the needs of each customer and ensure numerous competitive advantages. In particular, IFT bakery equipment ensures: 

  • easy cleaning and sanitation; 
  • high strength; 
  • thermal inconducibility; 
  • ease of installation and use; 
  • non-porous surface and perfect storage of stored products. 

Do you need more information?

Would you like more information about the equipment for bakeries proposed by IFT? Contact us by filling out the appropriate form in the contact section. Our staff is always at your disposal to advise you on the best solutions and best suited to the needs of your company or business.