Equipment for the cured meat sector

Certified plastic equipment for the meat and cured meat sectors

Are you looking for equipment for the cured meat sector? IFT is a company specialized in the sale of plastic equipment for the food industry and offers a wide choice of innovative and high quality cured meat equipment, certified for contact with food. All the products proposed by IFT, in fact, are designed to ensure high quality standards and complete compliance with Italian, European and international hygiene regulations and are monitored at every stage of the production process, from production to sale, to always guarantee maximum reliability and safety.

A wide choice of equipment for the cured meat industry

The plastic equipment for the meat and cured meat sector proposed by IFT can be used for different types of processing in sausage factories, ham factories and slaughterhouses: from seasoning to smoking, from freezing to storage, up to the handling of products. To meet the needs of different sectors, over the years the company has gradually expanded and diversified the range of equipment proposed, creating specific solutions for each application. Among the many plastic equipment for the cured meat sector you can find:

Why choose certified quality equipment?

Choosing plastic equipment for food of certified quality, such as those proposed by IFT, is essential to obtain safe and quality products to be able to better preserve the characteristics of meat and sausages. All meat and cured meat equipment manufactured by IFT is BRC Global Standard - Storage and Distribution certified, which defines the requirements for storage, distribution and wholesale marketing and is designed to ensure several benefits, such as:

  • lightness and sturdiness;
  • easy cleaning and sanitation;
  • ease of use and handling;
  • maximum hygiene and elimination of mold formation;
  • excellent aeration and preservation of product quality.

Do you need more information?

For more information about IFT’s equipment for the cured meat sector or to request a customized quote, please contact us. Our staff is always at your disposal to recommend the most suitable products for your specific needs.