Mould-proof plastic frames

Mould-proof plastic frames for the food industry

Are you looking for mould-proof plastic frames suitable for food contact? IFT - Italian Food Technology - is a company specialized in the production of plastic equipment for the food industry, including breathable and high quality mould-proof plastic frames, designed specifically for food contact and designed to meet different needs of use. Thanks to the continuous research of product innovation and a highly specialized and trained team, the company is able to offer safe, reliable and versatile products, useful for different sectors of the food industry, such as pasta and fruit and vegetable companies.

In which sectors can the IFT plastic frame be used?

IFT mould resistant plastic frame is designed and manufactured in full compliance with CE standards for food contact and is able to ensure quality processing and effective drying of different types of food. Compatible with wooden and aluminium frames, it has a plastic injection moulded structure in two pieces, completely smooth to protect the hands of operators during the handling of products. Particularly suitable for the fruit and vegetable sector and for drying pasta, it is available in two models (H54 and H70).

Why choose IFT mould resistant plastic frame?

IFT mould-resistant plastic frame has specific features, such as beveled corners to avoid blockages in smoothness, and a design which allows automatic stacking and correct overlapping of the frame on the trolley. It is the ideal solution for those sectors of the food industry that need safe, efficient and high quality equipment to produce excellent products. The IFT frame is capable of:

  • eliminating the presence of wood particles and traces of aluminium in the product
  • ensuring perfect mechanical rigidity
  • avoiding the release of splinters in handling
  • avoiding the ingress of harmful residues or the loss of moving parts thanks to a structure that does not have openings or holes closed with plugs
  • preventing mould formation

Do you need more information?

If you need more information about IFT mould-resistant plastic frames, or if you need a dedicated consultancy to find the best solutions for your needs, please contact us through the form in the contact section. We will take charge of your request and answer you as soon as possible.