Mould-proof plastic trays

High quality and breathable plastic trays for the food industry 

Are you looking for mould-proof plastic trays suitable for food contact? IFT - Italian Food Technology - is a company specialized in the production and sale of plastic equipment for the food industry, including breathable and high quality mould-proof plastic trays, certified for food contact and designed to meet different needs of use. Always attentive to research and innovation, the company is able to propose safe, reliable and functional products, useful for different sectors of the food industry, such as butchers, pasta factories and dairies.

Which mould-proof plastic trays are available?

IFT provides different types of high quality mould-proof plastic trays, hygienic, durable and  able to meet any need. Carefully designed by a team of experts, IFT polypropylene trays are easily stackable and can be used to safely store various food products. In the IFT catalogue you can find:

Both models of stackable plastic trays made by IFT can be equipped with a handling trolley to further facilitate storage operations.

Plastic trays against mould for different sectors

IFT food polypropylene trays are useful for different sectors, types of activities and processing of the food industries: from drying to dehydration, up to the dehydration of various products, such as fruit, vegetables, fresh pasta and medicinal herbs, but also fish, meat and cold cuts. Practical and light, thanks to their special perforated structure ensure a perfect ventilation of the product, avoiding the possible formation of unwanted mold or moisture residues.

Do you need more information?

If you need more information about IFT mould-resistant plastic trays, or if you need a dedicated consultancy to find the best solutions for your needs, please contact us through the form in the contact section. We will take charge of your request and answer you as soon as possible.