Certified food boxes

Certified and high quality plastic boxes for the food industry

Are you looking for high-quality certified food boxes? IFT designs and manufactures equipment and certified plastic boxes for the dairy and food industries. Thanks to the use of high precision machinery and a staff of competent  and highly trained professionals, the company is able to offer products for the food industry made with quality materials, in full compliance with quality certifications for food contact. All IFT food technologies are designed to meet different needs and ensure the perfect realization and adequate storage of finished products.

IFT certified plastic boxes

IFT manufactures stackable plastic crates for food contact, such as the flat bottom box CFP39 with grilled walls. Resistant, versatile and made with certified materials, it can be used in different sectors and production environments, for example for the aging, for the leavening of pizza dough, to contain soft cheeses such as stracchino and squacquerone, but also for pastry, fruit and vegetables. Available in different colors, in addition to the classic white version, the box with flat bottom IFT is practical, resistant to high and low temperatures and can be stacked easily.

Why choose IFT

The aim of the company is to provide each customer with innovative and specific solutions, to improve the quality of the final product and speed up the storage and handling of food items. IFT’s stackable food box with a bottom shelf can offer several advantages:

  • structurally very resistant
  • easily sanitisable
  • convenient to stack thanks to its particular interlocking system
  • it maintains unchanged the characteristics of the products

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