Certified plastic boxes

IFT is specialized in the design and manufacture of high quality plastic equipment for the dairy and food industries. Thanks to high precision machinery and a staff of highly specialized professionals, the company is able to propose safe and certified food technologies, produced respecting high quality standards and all certifications of conformity for contact with food. Durable and reliable, IFT products are able to ensure several competitive advantages and are designed to improve production processes, ensuring the production of high quality finished products and perfect food storage.

Where can plastic boxes be used?

IFT plastic boxes adapt to different uses and are useful for the storage of numerous types of food industry products. Made with a material certified for contact with food, they are particularly suitable to contain cheese, meat, bread and pastries, fruits and vegetables. Among the various items available, the flat-bottomed plastic box with grilled walls, made with high quality materials, is able to store food without altering its characteristics or changing in any way its quality. Resistant, easily stackable and washable, it allows to speed up work processes, such as storage and handling of products. The article is available in different colors: blue, white or many others available on request.

Why choose IFT plastic boxes?

IFT mission is to offer each customer specific, innovative and technologically advanced solutions to improve the quality of the final product. IFT stackable plastic boxes provide several advantages:

  • highly resistance
  • easy washing and sanitation
  • they are comfortable to stack thanks to the practical interlocking system
  • they adapt to different uses

Do you need more information?

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