Bread cooling boards

High quality polypropylene boards for the bread industry

IFT is a company specialized in the production of technological plastic equipment for the food sector and for the bread industry. Resistant, hygienic and manufactured with top quality materials, all IFT equipment is made in full compliance with national, international and EC regulations. Food technologies designed for pasta factories, bakeries and pastry shops can be used to meet different processing needs: from leavening to cooking, from freezing to drying. Among the different products proposed by the company you can also find polypropylene boards certified for contact with foodstuffs useful for cooling bread.

Why use IFT bread cooling boards?

IFT has a wide range of bread cooling boards manufactured in compliance with high quality standards to ensure safe and controlled processing and the perfect success of the final product, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. IFT propylene boards offer several advantages

  • easy cleaning and sanitization
  • non-porous surface, so as to avoid contamination of the product
  • thermal inconducibility
  • resistance
  • versatility
  • simplicity in installation, even on existing structures
  • increased ventilation and breathability

Which bread cooling tables are available?

IFT produces boards for the cooling of bread of different types and sizes, designed to meet any type of need. In the IFT catalogue you can find:

  • grilled boards, such as the self-supporting TGRA board made of CE marked food polypropylene and certified for contact with food, available in various sizes to be able to adapt even to existing plants
  • holed boards that guarantee a high level of hygiene, such as the perforated TAFO board with corners or with two notch corners

Do you need more information?

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