Boards for retarder prover cabinets

High quality plastic boards for bread leavening

Are you looking for high quality plastic boards for retarder prover cabinets? IFT, an Italian company specialized in designing and manufacturing equipment for the agro-food industry, offers a wide range of polypropylene boards for pasta factories, pastry shops, bakeries and companies that deal with the leavening of bread. Thanks to a professional and highly competent staff, the company is able to offer durable, functional and innovative products, always respecting high quality and hygiene standards. Each product is designed and manufactured by the company team to propose effective solutions and improve the quality of production and work of customers.

The advantages of IFT plastic tables

Each type of dough needs specific equipment. For this reason, IFT realizes different solutions for pasta factories, offering products to meet the different business needs and the precise demands of each customer. The plastic boards produced by the company are made in full compliance with EC regulations and directives, as well as the national ministerial decree, and provide several advantages:

  • extremely ease cleaning and sanitisation  
  • heat-resistance 
  • they do not modify in any way the characteristics of the products
  • non-porous surface
  • maximum breathability
  • ease of installation

What types of boards for retarder prover cabinets are available?

Depending on the requests and specific needs of the customer, IFT offers tables for bread leavening of different types and sizes, all made in polypropylene for food:


Do you need more information?

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