Plastic equipment for cheese ripening

A wide range of equipment for the cheese industry

If you are looking for safe and guaranteed food equipment that will ensure the best results and quality to your aged cheeses, IFT has the right solutions for you. Italian Food Technology, in fact, is an Italian company specialized in the supply of plastic equipment for cheese ripening. This equipment is made of high quality polypropylene and complies with all food contact standards to ensure the best possible results for your cheeses.


IFT equipment for ripening

IFT is a company headquartered in Mantova. It is a leader in the field of plastic equipment dedicated to the processing of dairies - among these, a leading role is played by the ripening process. This is in fact an extremely important process, where it is necessary to have equipment designed to keep under control the different parameters (humidity, temperature, air recirculation) necessary to obtain the desired ripening.

IFT equipment is produced according to modern and innovative processes of polypropylene processing, to ensure always the highest quality and resistance. The wide range of equipment proposed is designed for food contact, as well as to simplify logistics and storage processes. Among the ideal products for cheese seasoning we find:

Rely on IFT for your ripening processes

IFT aims to satisfy every dairy with durable, quality items that ensure maximum cheese results and goodness. The corporate team produces top-quality food equipment for dairies, ensuring benefits such as:

  • Non-porous surface, so as not to contaminate the product
  • Ease of cleaning, sanitation and storage
  • No thermal conductivity and better aeration for excellent ripening
  • Exceptional resistance
  • Easy installation even on existing structures and supports

Further information?

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