Plastic boards for bakery

Boards specific for baking industry

IFT-Italian Food Technology-is a leading company at national and international level for the production of plastic food equipment. It also has a particular expertise concerning the production and sale of plastic boards for bakery. Boards made of polypropylene are certified for food contact and are particularly suitable for storage operations within bakeries, where the maximum ease of handling, security, and hygiene.   

Catalogue of food boards

IFT makes available to its clients a tight-knit team of experts, always up-to-date on the latest technological innovations. The great expertise and knowledge of the customers’ needs within the bakery sector has lead IFT to design and offer a wide, high-quality and long lasting catalogue of plastic boards with items suitable for food contact and designed for any application within bakeries. Boards are resistant and enhance the characteristics of bread and stocked products. Inside the catalogue, we can find: 

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The goal of the company is the maximum satisfaction of each customer - which means offering resistant and quality items ensuring the maximum result and the tastiness of the bread and pastry offered. That is why the corporate team studies innovative technologies and machining processes of polypropylene, so as to produce food equipment of great quality for bakeries. It ensures: 

  • non-porous bearing surface, so that the product is not contaminated.
  • ease of cleaning and sanitation.
  • no thermal conductivity
  • exceptional resistance
  • easy installation, also on already-existing structures and supports. 

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