Stacking plastic pallets for food

Highly resistant  polypropylene pallets

IFT- Italian Food Technology- is a company specialised in producing food equipment. Among it, stacking plastic pallets for food, intended for companies operating in the food sector, play a leading role. Stackable pallets are certified for food contact and are particularly suitable for storage operations within dairies, salami factories, butcheries, fishmongers and for many other applications in national and international companies. 


IFT plastic pallets

IFT is a historic company in the sector of plastic food equipment. It can rely on an expert team which always keeps up to date, its expertise and knowledge of customers’ needs allowed them to study and create a catalogue of high-quality plastic pallets. 

IFT pallets are made of certified polypropylene suitable for food contact. They are highly resistant and enhance the characteristics of stored products. Among these characteristics, we can find for example: 

  • easily stackable
  • ideal for handling many kinds of grids and baltrescas 
  • plastic frames make them very resistant
  • usable also for drive in and safe for those who move them 

Why choose IFT pallets

The company proposes a wide offer of food equipment but it is aware that it is not enough to satisfy the most demanding expectations of customers who operate within a sensitive area which is always under control, such as the food industry.  To meet these customers' needs, it is necessary to respect high quality standards and specific norms, so as to help companies to produce and offer impeccable quality products. IFT team, with its high technical skills, offers an extraordinary sales service of certified food products which are very resistant and functional but also versatile and easy to handle. 

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