Sale of plastic boards for pastry chefs

The ideal boards for confectionery

IFT- Italian Food Technology- is a historic Italian company headquartered in Mantua which produces food equipment and sells plastic boards for pastry chefs and for several companies in the food sector. Axes are suitable for food contact and meet all the standards required so as to always guarantee high quality food processing and products and also the highest quality in complete safety. 

Catalogue of plastic axes

IFT can rely upon a strong and expert team which is always updated on the latest technological news and innovations. The great experience and knowledge of the specific customer demands has made it possible to study and create a complete and high quality catalogue of plastic boards, with articles which are suitable for food contact and perfect for many different uses within confectioneries. They are really resistant and can enhance the characteristics of the stored pastries.

Among the boards proposed, we can find: 

Advantages for confectioneries

IFT aims to always satisfy each customer to the full, and this means offering resistant articles designed to always guarantee the best quality and result of the pastries proposed. Thus, our team studies innovative technologies and processes in order to produce food equipment of excellent quality for confectioners, providing benefits such as: 

  • ease of cleaning and sanitation 
  • no thermal conductivity 
  • high resistance 
  • easy installation, also on already-existing structures and supports. 
  • nonporous surface 

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