Supply of plastic food mats

Mats ideal and certified for food contact

IFT -Italian Food Technology- is a company headquartered in Mantua and specialised in producing food equipment, in particular, in supplying plastic food mats for companies operating in the food market. Mats are certified for food contact and specifically suitable for dairies, sausage factories, butcheries and for many other uses within national and international companies. 


IFT mats

IFT is a historical company in the industry which can rely on an expert and strong team, whose great expertise and knowledge of the specific customer needs has made it possible to study and create a complete and high quality catalogue of plastic mats, with highly resistant plastic products suitable for food contact and capable of enhancing the characteristics of stored products. 

Among the several mats proposed, we can find, for instance: 

They are perfect articles, in particular for operations such as the storage of vegetables and fruit, but also drying, dehydration,  maturation of cheeses, cold cuts and meats. 

Why trust IFT

However, an extensive offer of food equipment is not sufficient to meet the needs of the  most demanding clients, who operate within a  sensitive and constantly monitored field such as the food sector. To meet these specific requirements, it is necessary to meet high quality standards and precise rules, so as to offer a service of the highest level, that can assist companies in producing products of impeccable quality. 

Thanks to its high technical expertise,  IFT team provides an excellent sale service of certified food mats, which are extremely resistant and functional, as well as versatile.

Looking for more information?

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