Production of certified food equipment

Safe and certified food technologies 


If you are looking for safe and guaranteed food equipment ensuring the maximum result for your business, IFT has the solution for you. Italian Food Technology is specialized in producing certified food equipment respecting all the regulations in terms of safety and hygiene of products in contact with food, to guarantee the best possible result. 

IFT plastic equipment

IFT is an entirely Italian company, headquartered in Mantua, and leader in the sector of plastic food equipment which is  produced thanks to innovative and modern processes to always guarantee the highest quality and resistance.The wide range of equipment proposed has been designed not only to be suitable for food contact, but also to simplify logistic and storage processes of companies other than to improve the final product. Among the various IFT plastic equipment, we find:

Certificates of food equipment

Every product designed by IFT is the result of a long phase concerning the design and selection of the best  materials available on the market, in addition to attentive and certified  plastic processing processes. The available products are practical and functional, but also durable and they meet the EC requirements and directives. The company is certified according to BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution (GSSD). In the context of loose and pre-packaged food, in addition to packaging materials and non-food products, the certification defines the requirements for storage, distribution and wholesale marketing. Thus, the product, as well as raw materials, is monitored from the production to the sale. 

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