Online sale of food-related equipment

Online sale of plastic equipment for the food sector

From its headquarters in Mantua, IFT can sell food equipment online for both domestic and international customers. The constant development of corporate services demonstrates the innovative spirit of the team, comprised of professionals with proven experience who work diligently to best meet the needs of those who work in the food sector.

Range of equipment

Its long experience in the sector has allowed IFT to constantly expand its offering in order to meet the different needs of its customers. For this reason, the company is able to offer a wide range of food equipment online, such as:

These items are all suitable for food contact and can be used in various sectors, such as that of baking, dairy, and sweets.

Why choose IFT products?

Although offering a large number of items can ensure that each customer finds a solution tailored to their needs, this factor is not enough to fully satisfy the needs of those working in the food sector. The creation and offer of products that meet high quality standards is the only solution. IFT knows the importance of this aspect, which is why it offers top quality equipment for the food sector that guarantees a high level of resistance at low and high temperatures.

For additional information, contact IFT

If you need to obtain more information from IFT on the sale of food equipment , simply access the contact section and fill out the form. You can obtain all of the information needed or a personalized quote, if requested.