Sale of plastic boards

Sale of plastic boards for food use

IFT is a company based in Mantua that has established itself in the national and international market for the sale of plastic boards. This result is made possible by a team of highly specialized experts, who work in synergy to always offer the best to each customer and company operating in the food sector.

Catalog models

In order to fully meet the needs of its customers, IFT has constantly sought to differentiate its offering as much as possible. This approach has led the company to be able to currently offer a large number of plastic boards for sale with different characteristics. Among the items in this category are:

Each can be used in different areas, among which are the dairy, bakery, and pastry sectors.

The advantages offered by IFT and its products

The wide choice of items is not sufficient to meet the needs of those who work in the food sector on their own. For this reason, IFT complies with high construction standards that allow the sale of extremely resistant plastic boards both as regards temperatures and loads, which are also easily cleaned and extremely lightweight.

Additional information

If you would like a personalized quote or more information on the sale of plastic boards , please contact the corporate team through the contact section. By filling out the form, you will receive a detailed response to all of your questions as soon as possible.