Sale of plastic boxes

Manufacture of plastic crates for food use

If you are interested in a reliable company with proven experience in the sale of plastic boxes, IFT can offer a solution tailored to your needs. The company has worked in the food sector for many years, and has a team of professionals who diligently take care of the needs of each client with passion.

Crates offered for sale

Available in different colors in addition to the standard white version, IFT sells one plastic crate model. It is extremely versatile thanks to its features such as side grids and extreme resistance to high or particularly low temperatures. It is possible to use the flat-bottom crate in the dairy sector, but also as a container for meats and other foods such as fruit and vegetables.

Why choose IFT?

First and foremost, choosing IFT means obtaining products made with the best materials available, whose details are fully checked before being placed on the market and sold to customers. Relying on IFT also means obtaining excellent service for the sale of plastic crates suitable for food use, during which you will be followed step by step by a team of experts. Its main advantages include:

  • Post-sales assistance
  • Quick reception of items selected thanks to the wide availability of stock

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If you would like a personalized quote or simply  more information on the sale of plastic boxes  by IFT, please fill in the form in the contact section. The company will respond to all of your questions as soon as possible.