Production of plastic pallets

The creation of IFT plastic pallets suitable for use in the food sector

IFT is able to  produce plastic pallets certified for food contact by means of its team of specialized technicians that have worked for many years in the sector. Their manufacture is managed with particular attention to detail by company professionals, who work diligently to best meet the needs of different customers.

Models produced

IFT currently manufactures one model of polypropylene pallet. Available in anthracite and made using the injection molding technique, the pallet weighs 18 kg, has a dynamic load of 1,500 kg and a static load of 6,000 kg. Mainly used for handling grills, its shape allows for multiple items to be stacked easily and safely.

The advantage of using IFT products

Choosing to rely on the company first and foremost means relying on professionals who have the advanced technical skills to produce top quality plastic pallets. Each creation phase of these polypropylene pallets is managed in every detail, to ensure that the customer obtains an item that does not present defects and offers advantages such as:

  • Extreme structural durability with heavy loads
  • Can be used at drive-ins

More information

If you would like further details on the manufacturing methods of plastic pallets or wish to receive a personalized quote, fill in the form in the contact area. You will receive a detailed response to all your questions as soon as possible.