Production of plastic boxes

Specialized in the food sector, IFT is a company that produces plastic boxes  that are particularly suitable for use within the dairy industry. These items are designed and developed by a team of professionals with proven experience in the sector, who carefully monitor every aspect of their work.

Models producted by IFT

In particular, IFT produces a model of plastic crates that is offered in white, or in other colors upon request. The crate is made in high density polyethylene by means of injection molding, and can be stacked easily. Thanks to its versatility, in addition to the cheese sector, it is also used as a container for different types of cured meats and other types of food.

Why choose IFT and its products?

One of the aspects for which IFT has managed to establish itself on the market is undoubtedly the  ability to produce top quality plastic boxes. To do so, the company's team carefully selects the materials used and oversees each manufacturing phase in order to minimize the occurrence of any defects of plastic crates. In addition, the advantages offered by these products include:

  • High resistance to low and high temperatures
  • Easy to clean

Would you like additional information?

If you would like a specific quote for your needs or if you are simply looking for more information on the production methods of IFT plastic crates, please go to the contact section. By filling out the form, you will receive a comprehensive response to all of your questions as soon as possible.